Google unveils plans for alternative payment methods in Korean Play Store

Google has unveiled its plans to offer alternative payment methods on the Play Store in South Korea. Developers who choose to do so pay four percentage points less commission to Google.

Google: alternative payment methods for in-app purchases South Korea, November 2021

At checkout, a pop-up will appear with a choice between the various payment methods that are possible, Google reports . The pop-up will appear on smartphones and tablets with Android and with in-app purchases in South Korea. Google will only include the option for an alternative payment method in that country. The country is obliged to do so by a new law .

More details for developers will be available in the coming weeks. It is already clear that developers have to pay less to Google if they use an alternative payment method. The rate will not go to 0 percent, because Google says it must cover the costs for the Android and the Play Store. For developers who pay 15 percent, the payment for in-app purchases goes to 11 percent. If an alternative payment method charges 5 percent or more from the developer, a developer will pay more.

Apple must also comply with the same law, but has not yet presented any plans. Reportedly, the iPhone maker did not want to change its App Store policy, Reuters wrote a few weeks ago .