Snapchat is getting a feature to automatically make collage to music

Snapchat is getting a function to automatically create a collage on images that change to the beat of the music. Snap has announced that. Users can select between four and twenty photos or videos for the collage.

The feature will be out in March for iOS and Android, Snap says . The collage automatically adjusts to the rhythm of the music to show the footage. The feature is called Sounds Sync for Camera Roll. The collage can then be shared.

Such a feature is new to Snapchat, but has been around on smartphones in other forms for about a decade. Software from HTC and BlackBerry, among others, did this on smartphones ten years ago. Often this was about pre-selected music and not based on random music numbers.

Snapchat is also getting a feature to automatically recommend music for use in combination with a Lens. Lenses are pieces of software for AR within Snapchat. That feature will also be available soon.