Google Drive beta lets users filter search results

Google is introducing a beta for an improved search function for Drive, with so-called ‘search chips’. This allows users to refine search results with specific characteristics, including file type and file location.

Google Drive-zoekchips

Google highlights the feature in a blog post . The ‘search chips’ allow users to filter search results by file type and also location, such as a shared drive or a specific folder. It is also possible to search for files belonging to specific people, or to search for files that were last edited within a certain period of time. Users can also filter by labels and tasks associated with files. It is possible to combine different filters.

The feature is currently only available in beta and will be available to all Google Workspace customers, in addition to G Suite Basic and Business users. People who are eligible, can the beta sign . The feature is not entirely new; search chips are currently already available in Gmail .